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Hey! Check out the game I made, MOBILE SUIT AT WAR,  if you have any interest in wargames or Gundam. Hell, check it out just because I said so!

This page is always under construction, so check back often - we'll be adding new stuff all the time!

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What's New?

08/10/06 - Urrrrgh! Back from the dead with a vengeance! Some more minor updates, etc., but major updates are coming very soon! More concert reviews / photos, a new FREE strategy wargame [Super SD Gashapon Wars!], music and toy reviews and a blog?! Anything could happen!!
07/24/05 - I'm back! Minor updates, etc.! Buy our new book, see the Ferocious Pillow Press page!
08/24/03 - Added a new area... STEVE BURNS IN CONCERT! What a killer show, I tell ya.
07/22/03 - Finished the ComicCon 2001 section (for now... anyone have more pix of our trip?).
07/21/03 - Finished the ComicCon 2003 section, but more importantly... got some pix up in the ComicCon 2001 section! Yay Wesman, thanks for the pix.
07/20/03 - Big NEW UPDATES! Added several new items to the 'ComicCon Sketchbook' Section (located at the top for your convenience) and opened the brand spankin' new 'Comic Con 2003' page. Rejoice! There will be more stuff added to the Con 2003 page soon as well!!
07/17/03 - After almost a year, I have updated my page! Yay. Updated the Mark Millar Comixography so it is up to the minute! Also finished the ComicCon 1999 page. I have access to a faster computer now, so I should be updating more frequently.
08/06/01 - Added a 'Mark Millar Comixography' and opened the 'SDCC 2001/THISDIC' page.

05/20/01 - The "Mobile Suit at WAR!!" rules are up!!!! I will attempt to update/correct them often.

05/19/01 - Finally put some stuff in the ComicCon 1999 section. The "Mobile Suit at WAR!!" rules are almost done!

05/14/01 - Minor update... opened my new "Mobile Suit At WAR!!" Miniature Wargame section... just the cover picture for now, the rules will be up in a few days or so.

02/13/01 - Sorry for the long break between updates! I've been busy!! Added a bunch of new stuff to the ComicCon Sketchbook, that's about it!

01/15/01 - Added new characters to DC Gallery, started ComicCon Sketchbook section.

01/10/01 - First day on the 'net! I'll try to keep this page updated as often as possible!

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